Horse Riding School

Learn Horse Riding near Perth!

Zia Park Horse Riding School has produced and supports many horse riders competing successfully in dressage, show jumping, eventing, mounted games and endurance riding. Many of our horse riding school riders belong to one of the local pony clubs or adult riding clubs and regularly attend rallies, training days, inter-club competitions and official EA competition. Many of these riders are mounted on leased Zia Park riding school horses.

Zia Park also runs clinics throughout the year which are suitable for riders  of all ages on their own or on Zia Park horses.  

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Horse Riding School: Group Lessons

Participation in group horse riding lessons is a great way to meet people who share your interests and enthusiasm for riding. Our lessons may include training in horse control, rider position, dressage, show jumping, cross country jumping, mounted games, bush riding and horse management. All lessons are designed to fit the skill level of the class so that riders develop at a pace that enhances their skill and confidence in and out of the arenas.   Riders 

Group lessons may be purchased by the term at a discounted rate. Our terms coincide with WA State School Terms.Riders over 12 may enrol in  National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) Introductory and Level 1 Horsemastership and Introductory and Level 1 Riding Certificate courses.


Horse Riding School: Ready, Set, Trot Program

Ready Set Trot is a national program developed and managed by Equestrian Australia.  It is targeted towards junior horse lovers and beginner riders (under 12 years),  Zia Park was the first Ready, Set Trot delivery centre in WA.

Ready Set Trot introduces children to horses and provides them with an understanding of horsemanship in a fun and exciting way. It instils core values, such as responsibility, communication, respect, empathy and teamwork. We deliver the Stable Skills Program which is an outcome based program divided into 4 ribbon levels.  Riders progress through the levels at their own pace and receive a certificate each time a level is completed.

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Horse Riding School: Tiny Tots Lessons

For our youngest riders (3-6 years) we offer a 30 minute Tiny Tots Lesson. Children learn balance and coordination on horseback through games and agility exercises.

These lessons are designed to be lots of fun and parents are encouraged to get involved.

Children gain confidence and basic riding skills and many move onto the Ready Set Trot program later on.


Horse Riding School: Private Lessons

Private Horse Riding lesson are available on Zia Park school horses and ponies or with their own mounts. The material covered will depend on the rider's skill, experience and interest. Most competition riders choose this option, as the lesson can be tailored specifically for their needs.

Private Lesson are also required for beginner riders until their skills have developed to the point where they are capable of joining a group lesson.


Horse Riding School: School Holiday Programs

Zia Park runs non residential school holiday programs during every school holiday period.  We run themed programs for novice and competing riders in Eventing, Show Horse, Vaulting, Mounted games, Dressage and Show Jumping.  


Horse Riding School: Clinics and Training Days

Zia Park runs  clinics and training days throughout the year.  We have a variety of  disciplines represented, including Vaulting, Show Jumping, Agility, Confidence Building, Dressage, Eventing, poles and cavaletti training,  and mounted games.   Please click HERE to view details of upcoming and past clinics.