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School Holiday Program - 10 and Under - Program 1

This program is suitable for beginners and for more experienced riders, it will include Ready Set Trot levels Green to Blue. Unmounted activities include lessons in stable management and care of horses and equipment. Children will ride at least twice daily, activities include traditional lessons, mounted games, trail riding and active riding. Riders will be grouped according to age and riding experience.

READY SET TROT The material we cover in our riding and unmounted sessions is from the Ready Set Trot program, if your child is enrolled please be sure to bring the folder every day. For those of you who have enrolled but have not yet received your folder, we will photocopy the worksheets and sign off competencies on the photocopies, these can be transferred to the original sheets in your folder when you receive it. If you’ve not yet enrolled and wish to do so, just go to and sign your child up on line. It is not a requirement to be enrolled in Ready Set Trot to come to our school holiday program, all children will participate in the same activities regardless of whether or not they have formally enrolled in Ready Set Trot.