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School Holiday Program - 11 to 18 years - Program 4

This program’s theme is mounted games and trail riding.  Mounted games are excellent for developing riders' balance, agility and confidence.  They are great for teaching riders to participate in a team and, best of all, they are FUN!  We'll have team and individual competitions throughout the program, you will learn the rules and strategy for several different games.  Trail riding is a great way to enjoy a relaxing ride and to see nature and the countryside from the back of a horse.  You'll learn the different types of saddlery we use for trail riding,  how to maintain safe distances, how to read horses' body language for safety, etiquette on the trail, control of the horse in the open, how to look ahead for things that might scare your horse and how to cope with the unexpected.  We'll ride out to different places every day,  and if the weather is hot enough we may even get to take a ride to the lake for a swim.  Beginners and experienced riders will all benefit from and enjoy this program.  Riders will be grouped and the content tailored to suit the level of experience and confidence of each group.

This program is suitable for beginners and for more experienced riders.  Unmounted activities may include lessons in stable management, care of horses and equipment, rules of competitions and show preparation.  Pupils will ride at least twice daily. Activities may include traditional lessons, mounted games, dressage test riding, show jumping, cross country jumping, trail riding and active riding depending on riders' standards and interests.   Riders will be grouped according to age and riding experience.