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Adult Dressage, presentation and poles / jumping clinic

This is a two day course which runs from 8 AM to 1 PM both days.

This program is suitable for Novice and Intermediate riders who are welcome to bring their own horse or ride one of ours. 

We will refine and develop riders' knowledge and skills on the flat, progressing to riding dressage tests at appropriate levels. Test riding is a great way to give yourself an insight about your communication with your horse.  We will teach you how to interpret a dressage test, and show you what the judge is looking for in every movement. 

In the Presentation lessons, you'll learn how to pull, trim and plait manes, wash, condition, trim and plait tails, and how to wash, groom and present your horse for dressage and show horse competitions.  Practice makes perfect and you will have the opportunity to practice your plaiting skills.

In the poles sessions we will use ground poles to improve the horses' balance, suppleness, coordination, rhythm and reactions to the aids. The exercises are fun for horse and rider and great for improving rider coordination and focus too!  Riders who wish to jump will progress to show jumping courses at heights appropriate for their confidence and experience.  Jumping training is designed to teach riders a correct, stable and balanced position between and over fences, with good control of line and rhythm.  Safety and confidence are our priorities when teaching jumping skills.