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School Holiday Program - 11 to 17 years - Beginner and Novice level riders

This program is suitable for beginners and novice level riders.  Sessions are from 8 AM - 1 PM each day.  Unmounted activities include instruction  in safety with horses, stable management, care of horses and equipment and general equestrian knowledge.  The riders will work on improving balance and independence at rising trot and learn to ride for short stretches at sitting trot and canter on and off the lunge. Group riding sessions may include riding a preparatory level dressage test, using  pole exercises to improve control of line and pace, practicing mounted team games at walk and trot, and going on trail rides.  All activities are designed to enhance the riders' confidence and skills while having a safe and enjoyable experience.  Pupils will ride at least twice daily.  Riders will be grouped according to age and riding experience.